Energy Efficiency

DSGBD offers consulting, modeling, inspection and certification for a variety of energy efficiency programs.

EnerGuide Rating System

Energuide Rating SystemThe EnerGuide Rating System gives a gigajoule (GJ) rating for a house, which is an estimate of its annual energy consumption based on standard operating conditions. It is compared to a “typical new house”, which is the same physical house remodeled to the minimum building code requirements. There is also a GJ per square meter intensity rating to help compare one house to another. The ERS system can be used to prioritize energy efficiency upgrades or simply to rank the house on a scale for comparison with other housing.

The EnerGuide Rating System is offered by Natural Resources Canada to allow homeowners to assess the efficiency of their homes. Follow the links for more information on ERS for Existing Housing and New Housing.

ENERGY STAR® for New Homes

ENERGY STAR logoA voluntary national standard for better than code energy efficiency, ENERGY STAR® is intended to allow builders a simple way to demonstrate improved energy efficiency through better building practices. DSGBD can help builders determine the best compliance options for their construction methods. We also provide labeling services.


R2000 logoAn R-2000 is quite simply a very energy efficient house. But it goes beyond that by considering Indoor Air Quality, Resource Conservation and Water Conservation in addition to energy efficiency. DSGBD has a long history of providing R-2000 services such as training and house certification to builders, including the NRCan’s Pilot Program for Net Zero Energy housing with R-2000.

LEED Canada

LEED Canada for Homes is a comprehensive approach Energy and Environmental Design. DSGBD can facilitate enrollment of the house with Mindscape Innovations and provide Design Charette Services as well as conducting field inspections.

2012 Ontario Building Code – Part 12

There are many Compliance Options under Part 12 of the 2012 Ontario Building Code. DSGBD can walk builder through the four main options and all the details that go with them. Houses with more than 22% glazing are particularly difficult. We can do Performance Compliance modeling and recommend cost effective options for compliance.

DSGBD also provides Training for Part 12 Compliance.

High Performance HVAC Systems for Low Load Houses

High performance HVACHigh Performance HVAC Systems allow builders and home owners to maximize the benefit of modern energy efficient houses. This means increased comfort, greater flexibility in the utilization of space, and reduced capital costs. Modern equipment does not always fit the design and installation practices of the past.